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Timothy Bates

Dr. Timothy E. Bates is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Drugs With A Difference Limited. Dr. Bates has over 33 years’ experience in biomedical research. The company’s anti-cancer drug technologies are continually being invented by Dr. Bates, taking advantage of his extensive knowledge of cancer cell biology, pharmacology and biochemistry and the unique biochemical assays (precise methods to measure specific biochemical parameters) he has developed, which are not available anywhere else in the world. Amongst other esteem indicators, Dr. Bates was selected as one of only 32 members in the U.K. of the external assessor panel for the NHS Evidence section of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE), where his experience in biomedical research and development is used in the specific areas of (1) Drugs and Medical Devices and (2) Research.


Roger Dainty MBE

Roger is the Chief Executive Officer of Drugs With A Difference Limited. Roger is responsible for its general management and establishing our scientific laboratories and business protocols, both to internationally accredited and recognised standards through the International Standards Organisation, and also to the U.K. Good Laboratory Practise (GLP) standards. Roger is currently also CEO of Future Health Biobank, a company focused on the isolation and storage of human stem cells from and has been the U.K. Director since 2006. Roger previously pursued a highly successful career within the NHS and academia at the university of Nottingham medical school. In December 2012, Roger was awarded an MBE for services to scientific research and training in the Queen’s new years’ honours list. As of January 2015 Roger has scaled down his time commitment to Future Health Biobank in order to head up the management team of Drugs With A Difference. Roger Dainty and Dr. Tim Bates met the University of Nottingham and have known each other as friends and colleagues for the past 12 years.

Dr. David Cavalla

Dr. David Cavalla is the U.K.’s leading expert in drug repurposing and the CEO of Numedicus limited. David is responsible for our drug repurposing strategy and implementation and the author of "Off-label prescribing. Justifying unapproved medicine" published by Wiley, 2015.


David Scott

Mr. David Scott is in charge of sales of IP and the negotiations surrounding the construction of "heads of terms" and other aspects of drug licensing. David is an internationally respected expert in deal brokering, marketing, strategic planning, finance, business development and acquisitions, and the author of the best-selling report, "Scrip's Practical Guide to Pharmaceutical Licensing".


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Dr. Steve Jones

Dr. Steve Jones is in charge of all matters relating to patenting our drugs and associated intellectual property development. In 2000 Steve founded Adamson-Jones (Patent, Design & Trade Mark Attorneys), based at BioCity Nottingham, where he is the Senior Partner. Steve has over 30 years’ experience in pharmaceutical patenting, with particular emphasis on the field of drug formulations.


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